Have you ever gone to a family gathering? Planning a family reunion or gathering is similar to planning any kind of occasion. As a matter of fact, you will have to choose the venue, select a menu and hire vendors like a portable photo booth service to make the party even more fun for everybody. However, prior to going out and hiring a catering service or book a date to your photo booth rental services, there are actually things which require to be done first such as: 

  1. Choosing a Suitable Venue

The venue where the event will take place and how big or small the space is, depending on the number of family members to attend, choosing the right venue for a family reunion is very crucial. Some members of the family want to celebrate outdoors such as country clubhouses or parks, where they can do some fun activities and games with relatives of all ages. Having said that, still you can include extras like hiring a DJ or live band to come and give lively music or rent social media photo booth services however, you will also want to consider the venue first in order to see what’s allowed or not, and find out whether insurances or any additional requirements have to be met. 

  1. Choosing the Date of the Event

When you set the date for your family gathering, you should care not to set it at the time of year which may be hard for everybody to attend. Some family members want to do it together with a special holiday or other kind of 30day weekend, because this allows for more time to travel to and from the party, making it easier for them to be on the said place. With that being said, you should also be careful not to set the schedule of the event during the busy days such as wedding season, winter holidays or even prom weeks because it may be harder for them to come to the event or secure vendors like a professional and well-established photobooth rental service. 

  1. Creating a Budget

Before you begin putting everything into place, it really helps to have a sufficient budget for the event. Whether everyone gives some money for the event or if family members take turns paying for the extras and hosting, it is actually very helpful to have an idea of how much you have to work with prior to getting started. Contact every family member or meet a represent for each clan for a thorough discussion in order to come up with a decision on how much every family should be paying for the family reunion.  

  1. Planning of Activities

Will there be games? Will winners get prizes? There are several fun things to do in a family reunion. Most family members think about a simple picnic at the park however, you can rent a country club ballroom space or banquet hall, go to a theme park of zoo during the day and then, a big family dinner afterwards.