If your area is already under the drought season, you might have observed that your trees are quite under the weather. Usually, believe that trees that are as huge as giants will last for a lifetime that they are there since we were young and will keep on growing even when we’re gone. However, that does not always true. Trees are in fact invincible and they require water to thrive, similar to what humans do. Now that your trees have undergone several droughts for many years, you might have begun to see signs that your tree has drought stress.  

Symptoms of drought stress 

Depending on the tree type that you have in your yard, you will see slightly unalike symptoms that signify drought stress. Usually, the symptoms can be seen in the leaves, which is the most fragile and viral part of a tree. 

For deciduous trees, you will observe that the outside edges and/or between the leaves’ veins are turning brownish. Leaves will eventually turn yellow prematurely, curl at the edges or wilt. 

You could also see leaf scorch, wherein leaves that seemed to be healthy turns to be burnt. This could look like unusual browning and you can take this as an indication that your tree has a severe bacterial infection. 

The evergreen trees’ needles show the same symptoms as to what was previously described, it turns to red, yellow, purple, or brown from the tip until the twig. 

Hazardous secondary problems 

These are the signs you will commonly observe once your tree undergoes drought stress. Drought stress does not actually imply that your tree is dying, however, that should not be the reason to just ignore the apparent symptoms. 

Secondary problems that could happen while your tree is in a fragile state is the most hazardous aspect of drought stress. Once your tree has a hard time surviving, other trees would be affected by it. 

Once your tree is undergoing stress, infection/disease and insect infestation are much more likely to happen. Even though your tree might thrive alone, the combination of infection and drought stress could be overwhelmed easily. 

Also, your tree could have hidden problems in its root system, particularly during a long drought season. Once your tree has been undergoing indications of drought stress for quite a while, it is recommended to contact a tree expert for it to be inspected. 

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